Online Teacher Training
Start Dates: TBA
Waiting for things to settle down even more until we announce and schedule out next TT

As always we will continue to host and train until everyone has a SAFE place to practice and teach at.

* This Training is scheduled to be 6 weeks.
However, we can work with you to make it shorter or longer if time is an issue. 

The 26 & 2
  • Foundational Basics

  • Operational Commands/Instructions

  • Voice/Presence/Command

  • Basic Anatomy

  • Ethics

  • 6 weeks of Dialogue 4x per week
    (late afternoon - evenings) 7:00 pm PST

    • Small groups or one on one

  • Anatomy / Philosophy / Voice Coaching is required.

  • Required lectures will be during the last few weeks hosted on Saturday and Sundays

  • Additional daily practice required

    • Readings and homework required

Cranky Tiger’s Teacher Training (led by Whitney McCormick) will more than adequately prepare trainees to teach a general adult population. It also fulfills the requirements for the the RYS 200 curriculum.

We believe that there are many great teachers out there, and want our trainees to have the words, the voice, the confidence to enter the teaching world with actual experience prior to graduation to ensure their success.

* This is our first online training and we're excited to offer it to people who might not be able to  participate otherwise.


Yes! This is a new platform for us and since having our previous teacher trainings online due to COVID-19, we have worked out the kinks, solidified the format, and know that it works and that students are successful. 

**While an onsite yoga immersion training is preferable, if you have self-discipline and/or time restraints...this is for you!

**This online training will require substantial self-discipline and only those self-motivated should consider.

Teacher Training

26 & 2

Online 6 week Course

Prior to signing up, you MUST fill out the admission form.

Please email us the contact info of your home studio or studio you plan to practice at when everything is safe and sound.

Tentative Dialogue Schedule:

Wednesday / Fridays / Saturdays / Sundays

  • 7:00 pm PST (2-4 hrs)

*There will be some flexibility with meeting times

** Anatomy/ Philosophy and Voice coaching lectures are required and will be held Saturdays and Sundays

$2499 Tuition
* plus Cost of Reading materials 
200-HR Yoga Alliance Certified