FALL 2018

26 & 2 Teacher Training



Learn from senior teachers how to 

Who is this training for?

Aspiring Teachers- Anyone that wants to be a yoga teacher; You will receive a RYT 200 hr Cert recognized by Yoga Alliance with a focus on Hatha (Based from the 26 Bikram method and 84 Ghosh lineage) You will have the tools provided to take your Yoga career anywhere.


Instructors- Those that already teach any style and want to broaden their horizon and lean from traditional and fundamental senior teachers. Those attending should want and have desire to understand basic hatha (Bikram or “26+2”). Desire to teach in a functional/directional way. We will have lectures/classes and demonstrations of intermediate alternatives and multiple classes of the 84 original class.


Studio Owners- Owners wanting to  grow their studio and possibly mentor trainees. Plus those who want to be reminded and re-learn what they may have forgotten.


Practitioners- Enhance your life, your practice and everyone else you come in contact with- The training will be small as you will get enough one on one time with many great instructors!


What we will cover

Sequencing- What flows and what doesn't-

  • Bikram method 26 + 2

  • 84 Original class: Ghosh lineage

  • Lectures and samples to design and introduce intermediate classes and progress yourself and student bodies.


Voice- Workshop with local voice coach and public speaking proficiency

  • Guaranteed classes to teach the public and be mentored during the training

  • Building confidence and getting experience is the number one obstacle for new teachers

  • Individual voice training


Anatomy- Basic alignment for and Hatha practices-

  • Anatomy lectures.

  • CPR cert available


Philosophies- Understanding of all practices and disciples-

  • Paramahansa Yogananda talks and meditations

  • Reading and correlations with other disciplines


This will be the second Seattle Teacher Training to commence this fall- Last fall 2017 we comleted our TT and have teachers currently teaching in the Seattle community.  

We thank you for your co and hope to fulfill your hopes, desires, and curiosities as you grow in knowledge and practice. It is our goal to assist with your growth and development as you become a  26&2 (Bikram style) and Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr certified teacher.


Please understand - this training will provide you everything you need and more in order to teach/guide/lead/command a 26&2 class. With that said, ONLY those who put in their own personal time and effort, outside of the Wednesday/Saturday/ Sunday training schedule will be fully ready to teach by the end of this 6 week training.


For those that are serious about training and invested in teaching -

  • Both 60 & 90 minute classes will be available for you to teach starting September 4th.

  • Trainees must demonstrate satisfactory deliverance of the 26&2 dialogue in order to sign up and teach a class.

  • These classes will be separate/additional to our normal class and training schedule i.e. 8:00-10:00am Mon-Thr and/or 2:00-3:00pm Mon/Tue/Thurs.

  • Please feel free to ask for help/guidance at any time. It is up to you to make this the most successful training possible for yourself.


The yoga world is changing. When I opened District Yoga, I personally had never taught at a studio “unaffiliated” with Bikram yoga. I followed Bikram and his yoga to the letter. Even as I’ve had many reasons to leave him, I chose to stay with Bikram and his yoga because it works. The dialogue works. The truth works.

Now there are many trainings, more unaffiliated studios than affiliated-

To spell it out CLEARLY;

  • This training does not make you a “Bikram” teacher

    • But we will teach you, as closely as we can, the way Bikram taught this yoga system to us

  • This training will provide you with internationally recognized Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr certification

    • This is a legitimate certification, but your employment at District Yoga or any other studio depends on you, the work you put in and your persistence.

    • With that said, Bikram’s Teacher Training never guaranteed anyone to teach either. Each new teacher must have persistence, patience, and continued dedication to their own personal practice, growth, & development

Thank you all for faith in me, District Yoga and this Training. I really appreciate you all and look forward to getting to know each of you more.

Cranky Tiger's